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I am a blogger and author who writes humorous, inspiring and motivational stories inspired by my life as I know it – never ordinary, sometimes crazy and always fabulous.

When you grow up with a mom that was certifiably crazy and an alcoholic father, nothing seems very funny. Add to that being the oldest child, I always felt a sense of obligation to be the adult and to try to maintain “normal” whatever that is.  

I was always serious, stressed out, and wound pretty tight. Unfortunately, I held on to that for most of my adult life that is until I found love and peace and acceptance. It allowed me to excavate the real me that I had sequestered inside.  

As the real me began making appearances, I discovered that I was destined to be a stand up comedian because I am pretty funny everyday whether I am just living life or actually telling a story. I often don’t even have to make up material because I have lived it.  However, I don’t like staying up late and stand up comedy normally takes place in bars at night way past my bedtime. I did actually live in an old folks home the first year of my marriage! Yes, blog on that forthcoming.  My bestie is disappointed that I am not pursuing the stand up path because she wanted to be my agent and get free vodka at my shows.  

Aside from the past my bedtime thing, I really don’t like getting booed! So if people think I suck, which I don’t in my opinion and that is really the one that counts, I really don’t want to know!

So as a writer that started out writing motivational, inspirational, encouraging pieces (you know the heart stuff) I find myself at a crossroads.  I still love putting out the heart stuff but the funny stuff keeps creeping in.  I am not exactly sure how to reconcile all of that into a pretty little marketable package!

So for now, my musings might just make me seem as bipolar as my mother, which is something, I used to live in fear of being called.  The truth is I think we are all a little bipolar and I actually embrace my kind of crazy. “We want crazy” is actually etched on the champagne flutes from my wedding.  Life is much more fun spent laughing and I laugh at myself often! Now, I am just inviting people to laugh along with me, and hoping to motivate, encourage, and inspire them along the way!

I am so glad that you are here!


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More About Me


Hi! I am Cynthia. Cynthia Tucker Bain. The guy in the photo with me is my smoking hot husband of almost five years. He is my editor, agent, biggest fan, and also my biggest critic. He challenges me in a good way! I am a puppy mommy which is my next favorite thing in life. Chloe and Mojo are my “staff”, co-authors, and inspiration although they think it is the other way around on the staff part. I love a good glass of red wine and an insightful book. I have been referred to as a combination of The Modern Day Lucy and Erma Bombeck. I have also been told that I am authentic and relatable. In other words, I don’t mind putting it out there allowing others to laugh at my crazy life because I am laughing too! Never ordinary, sometimes crazy and always fabulous.

I had the distinct honor of being featured on the front page of Erma Bombeck’s Humor Writer’s Workshop, an internationally recognized website.

My husband and I share a passion for a healthy lifestyle and fine wines. We currently live in New Mexico where I am filled with excitement every time I see a wild horse, tarantula, roadrunner, or an occasional bear! We share our home and our hearts with our two “fur-kids” (Chloe, the Yorkie Princess, and Mojo, the frequently misunderstood Jack Russell Terrier). Both of which, inspire many of my blogs.

Our family motto (yes, the fur-kids too!) is Never Be Average!


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